With an artificial arm, rigid prostheses are a thing of the past

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A rendering shows the Atom Touch in its possible final form. Source: atomiclimbs.com

Tyler Hayes, the CEO of the start-up Atom Limbs , which produces artificial prostheses , has spoken with the online portal "interestingengineering.com", an exciting interview about the company's new, artificial arm and the problem of the prosthesis industry . We have summarized and translated the interview for you.

Atom Touch: Decisive step towards applied bionics

With the Atomic Touch, even demanding activities such as playing the piano should be possible again. Source: atomiclimbs.com

According to Hayes, the Atom Touch is the first true artificial arm to hit the market. It will behave similarly to a normal arm , restoring a nearly full range of motion , allowing individual finger control, and being comfortable to wear all day while restoring a basic sense of touch . In addition, according to the CEO, the price should be more affordable than "normal" prostheses.

The arm itself connects to a wearable device . This device serves as a kind of link between the arm and a piece of clothing. A brain-computer interface is built into the wearable device . It recognizes the signals from the body of the wearer.

The company's long-term goal is for the artificial arm to function just like a real arm . It is important to establish a connection to the nervous system . At the moment this is not the case. However, the Atom Touch is designed so that anyone whose arm has been amputated can also use the artificial arm. It is non-invasive and can be easily put on and taken off as needed . It delivers human-level dexterity, weight , full range of motion and power generation , CEO Hayes continued.

Only every fifth amputee chooses a prosthesis

The Atomic Touch is intended to provide a completely new quality of life for those affected. Source: atomiclimbs.com

Hayes also revealed the inspiration behind the project: “The origins of Atom Limbs lie in research into the deficiencies of the healthcare system for people with limb loss . Only one in five people who lose their arm choose a prosthesis because the products available are of such poor quality and utility that they do more harm than good. In a world where we have reusable rockets and electric cars, this seems ridiculous.

So Atom Limbs was born to give the 65 million+ people with limbs their limbs back and revolutionize the $800 billion + disability industry,” said Hayes. The Atom Touch will be available for testing in the second quarter of this year as part of the company's preview program, and Atom Limbs plans to launch the final product in 2023 .

Source: interestingengineering.com



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