The air is out: Goodyear airless tires for self-driving vehicles

January 14, 2022 63Browse 0Like 0Comments
Picture of the robot in front of the university
The Starship robot can be operated even more efficiently with its six airless Goodyear tires. Source:

The American tire manufacturer Goodyear has equipped a self-driving vehicle   with airless tires . This should not only reduce the maintenance effort and increase durability , but also offer a more sustainable alternative to the previous tires.

Use on self-propelled Starship robots

Starship vehicles are autonomous robots that transport food and various other goods from A to B within short distances . No human labor is required. Both the transport itself and the loading and unloading are completely automated. To date, more than two million deliveries have been made.

In order for the company's fleet to function even more efficiently, downtimes for maintenance or the replacement of components must be kept as short as possible .

The Goodyear airless tire is a suitable add-on for the vehicles. Compared to conventional, air-filled tires, it not only offers a longer service life , but also requires significantly less maintenance . Air fillings or flat feet are a thing of the past with him.

First field tests at university

Picture of the robot in front of the university
The autonomous vehicle is completing its field test on the campus of Bowling Green State University. Source:

Starship and Goodyear have jointly started a field test phase at Bowling Green State University in Ohio. There, the robotic vehicles equipped with airless tires transport food orders, groceries or books across the campus.

The first data from the test run are promising . The evaluations of braking and vibration damping as well as tread wear show a more efficient use of the tires compared to the air-filled versions. It should therefore be possible to implement the desired cost savings and the associated increase in efficiency .



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