Tesvor V8 cordless mop in the test: Conclusion after 2 weeks

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Never again wipe the floor unsatisfactorily with a lot of effort and strength. Thanks to the Tesvor V8 cordless mop , that should be a thing of the past. With its motor-driven wiper , it should be child's play to bring the floor to a high gloss - and without streaks or water drops.

We found out for you in our practical test whether the device was able to convince you of its strengths . You can read our impressions of the Tesvor V8 here below.

scope of delivery

In addition to the mop itself, which is operated with a handle , there are not too many accessories in the packaging. In addition to the device itself, the water tank is also worth mentioning. As the name suggests, it ensures that there is enough water available during cleaning. At the same time, it serves as a docking station, which can be used to charge the mop.

The full scope of delivery of the Tesvor V8 includes:

  • Tesvor V8 Mop (main part)
  • connecting rod (connecting rod)
  • handle
  • water tank
  • power adapter
  • cleaning tool

Technical specifications

With the Tesvor V8, even large areas can be cleaned well . Thanks to the large water tank with 3 liters of clear water or 3.4 liters of waste water capacity , there is enough liquid. The low noise level of 50dB during operation is also very pleasant. For example, conversations can be held while cleaning.

The technical data at a glance:

  • Dimensions water tank (lxwxh): 325x276x173mm
  • Dimensions mop (lxw): 1100x213mm
  • Battery capacity: 2600mAh
  • Device power: 6.5 W
  • Max. output power: 17.5 dBm
  • Wastewater bucket capacity: 3400ml
  • Pure water tank capacity: 3000ml

design & processing

The external impression of the Tesvor V8 looks valuable and robust enough to prove itself in the household. So you don't have the feeling of operating a creaking or even rickety household appliance, but rather a modern piece of technology .

The handle is ergonomically designed and offers enough grip to also carry out winding maneuvers with the wiper. Thanks to the solid connector , there is no wobbling during operation. Also, due to small plastic wheels , the V8 does not cause any scratches on surfaces.

The design is valuable and thanks to the transparent glass applications and beautiful rounded lines, the Tesvor V8 doesn't look like a boring mop at all. We could n't find any processing errors such as gaps, scratches or cracks on our test device . Everything is very tight and even after repeated use, the device still looks like new.

Cleaning & suction power / practical test

The practical test with the Tesvor V8 was extremely pleasant . After you have filled the water tank and fully charged the device , the fun can begin. Thanks to the two buttons on the handpiece, which are there for power supply and cleaning , operation is intuitive. Thanks to an LED on the shaft of the device, you can see whether there is still enough water or whether the battery level is running out .

In terms of wiping power, the Tesvor V8 achieves very good results. There are basically no different modes , but you can decide whether you want to wipe damp or dry . Dry wiping is mainly recommended for dust or smaller particles . In our test it worked perfectly. However, the clear strength of the device is the damp wipe mode. Great results are achieved with the mop . There are no streaks or the same. Dirt such as stains, crumbs or minor scratchesvanish effortlessly in no time thanks to the Tesvor V8. Even dog hair is no problem . Really a great performance!

Only recharging could be a little faster , which must be due to the small power pack with little output power. If you (normally) do not wipe the floor several times on the tank, this is negligible in practice .

It is pleasant that the mop also has a self-cleaning mode, which makes the device completely ready for use again in a good 30 seconds . All you have to do is place the device in the water tank . Then the button for the self-cleaning mode must be pressed and the Tesvor V8 starts the self-cleaning program. The brush is cleaned with spray water , among other things.

Water tank / charging station

Although the water tank is mainly made of hard plastic , it is very well made and is very stable thanks to its weight . The snapping of the mop always worked without any problems and the loading process didn't cause any problems either. A cool feature is the magnetic connection, which grips when the charging cable is connected.

Fresh water for the cleaning process can be filled through an easily accessible opening . Equally practical is the drain plug for dirty water, which is positioned on the front side of the water tank. This was definitely done in the interest of the user. In the practical test, the filling and emptying of the water was done quickly and cleanly .

Advantages disadvantages


  • strong wiping performance without streaks
  • valuable & stable design
  • ergonomic operation
  • sophisticated water tank with charging station
  • quiet operation


  • Charging time could be a little faster.


The Tesvor V8 cordless mop is really a great gimmick for the household. It was able to convince us in terms of cleaning performance and user -friendliness . The design is valuable and the functions can be used in a variety of ways. The low noise emissions also make working with the V8 a noticeable upgrade compared to conventional mops.

The scope of delivery is absolutely sufficient . Especially the water tank / docking station was thought through. Operation is simple and pleasant. The tank is very large and is stable on any surface.

There is room for improvement only with the relatively long charging time, but this is not of great relevance for the actual purpose of the device.

Anyone looking for an innovative, quiet & practical cordless mop with great cleaning performance is in good hands with the Tesvor V8.



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