Tesvor R5 vacuum wiper in the test: conclusion after 2 weeks

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Do vacuuming and floor mopping in one go! Sounds like the dream of every cleaning muffle. With the Tesvor R5 suction wiper , this should be possible without any problems and efficiently.

We found out for you in our practical test whether the device was convincing in everyday use . You can read our impressions of the Tesvor R5 here below.

scope of delivery

In addition to the real star of the show, the vacuum mop itself, there are a variety of accessories in the packaging. Among other things, an additional and highly effective filter and the brush attachment should   be highlighted. The cleaning of the Tesvor R5 is also user-friendly thanks to the  dismantling set and the cleaning brush.

The full scope of delivery of the Tesvor R5 includes:

  • Tesvor R5 suction wiper incl. hand holder
  • water tank
  • charging station
  • power adapter
  • Box for storing accessories
  • additional brush attachment
  • high performance filter
  • Brush to clean the device
  • replacement roller brush
  • tool for disassembly

Technical specifications

In particular, the long running time of the vacuum wiper has it all. Thanks to the 3800 mAh battery, areas of up to 200 m² and a working time of 45 minutes are possible . This means that larger rooms can also be cleaned with the 255-watt wiper. However, it takes around 4 hours until the battery is fully charged again.

The technical data at a glance:

  • Dimensions (lxwxh): 330x350x1190mm
  • Weight 5.2KG
  • Battery life in general mode: 45 minutes
  • Battery life at maximum suction: 15 minutes
  • Battery capacity: 3800mAh
  • Device power: 255 W
  • Charging time: 240 min
  • Wastewater Bucket Capacity: 700ml
  • Pure water tank capacity: 900ml

design & processing

The external impression of the Tesvor R5 looks robust and elegant at the same time. So you don't have the feeling of operating a creaking or even rickety household appliance, but a modern piece of technology that can hold its own in everyday cleaning.

The handle is ergonomically designed and offers sufficient grip to also carry out winding maneuvers with the wiper. Thanks to the aluminum rod of the handle, there is no wobbling during operation. Due to the solid rubber wheels , the R5 also does not scratch any surfaces.

The design is valuable and thanks to the black smoked glass applications and beautiful rounded lines, the Tesvor R5 doesn't look like a boring mop at all. We could n't find any processing errors such as gaps, scratches or cracks on our test device . Everything is very tight and even after repeated use , the device still looks like new.

Cleaning & suction power / practical test

The practical test with the Tesvor R5 was extremely pleasant. After you have filled the water tank and fully charged the device , the fun can begin. Thanks to the built-in display , you can not only track the battery level . You even get something on your ears! The Tesvor R5 interacts with the user by means of a voice function . For example, the device announces when you need to clean the brush or whether the dirty water tank needs to be emptied.

In terms of suction and wiping power , the device has various modes (high-performance mode, normal operation) that regulate the power. Basically, the Tesvor R5 is set in car wash mode , where the device recognizes the dirt and adjusts the performance accordingly. In our test runs, we found the automatic mode the best , as it works most efficiently in terms of battery life and cleaning effect . But the high-performance mode is also effective, especially for heavier soiling such as dried stains. But the device then also becomes noticeably louder.

The suction power in combination with the wiping function was really convincing . Both the power itself, but also the thoroughness ensure a sparkling clean result. Even dog hair or larger particles are no problem for the Tesvor R5. The wiping function is also convincing, since it leaves no streaks in addition to the good cleaning effect. In short: the cleaning performance is great!

It is pleasant that the built-in wiper also has a self-cleaning mode , which makes the device completely ready for use again in a good minute . Together with the supplied brush, the device is cleaned so easily and quickly.

charging station

Overall, the charging station does its job absolutely adequately . Unfortunately, it is made of hard plastic and is therefore very light. Therefore , it tends to slip when the device is not in the station. In addition, it does n't look too valuable in comparison with the device . However, it should be emphasized that it is very robust and not prone to scratches. Charging always worked perfectly in the test and there were no dropouts.

Advantages disadvantages


  • strong suction power
  • great wiping performance without streaks
  • valuable & stable design
  • Long battery life (during normal operation)
  • ergonomic operation
  • Easy cleaning of the device thanks to the supplied brush


  • Background noise in high-performance mode could be quieter
  • Charging station looks cheap
  • Charging time of 4 hours a bit long


The Tesvor R5 vacuum wiper is really a great gimmick for the household. He was able to convince us with regard to the cleaning performance and user -friendliness . The design is valuable and the functions can be used in a variety of ways.

The scope of delivery is considerable and well thought out . With the replacement brush or the high-performance filter , you are well equipped for the long term. The included cleaning brush is also a great help for cleaning the device.

Only with the relatively long charging time and with the charging station is there still room for improvement, but none of them are major grievances, but small things that you can easily overlook in everyday life.

If you are looking for an innovative, multifunctional & practical mop with great cleaning performance, you are in good hands with the Tesvor R5 .

Order / buy Tesvor R5 online

The Tesvor R5 is available for around €399 in the Tesvor online shop  .

Shipping to Germany and Austria is free.


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