Starlink Premium: Faster satellite internet with a new antenna

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The new antenna should be larger, but significantly more powerful. Source:

Internet service Starlink from Elon Musk's company Space X has introduced a new, optional premium price level for its Internet connections via satellite . With the new package, speeds of up to 500 Mbit/s should be possible. However, this also has its price: 2500 dollars are due for the new antenna alone . The monthly cost increases from $99 to $500 for the basic service .

Starlink Premium will launch in the US in 2022

The comparison between the Starlink Standard and Premium offering. Source:

In addition to the higher speeds (150-500 Mbit/s) and the weather- resistant connection , premium customers receive 24/7 customer service . A data flat rate is also included. Therefore, the declared target groups are companies that cannot achieve an optimal connection over the ground and so-called "heavy users" , i.e. users with high needs.

The first interested parties can already secure their premium plan including the new antenna kit. For the time being, however , only in North America , where delivery is to start in the second quarter of the year . Whether and when Starlink Premium will be available in Austria is not yet foreseeable . In Germany, as of February 2022, the company 's standard service is available "to a limited extent" .

Goal: 500,000 users within one year

Elon Musk gave a clear goal for the future of Starlink during his speech at Mobile World Congress 2021 . 500,000 new Starlink users are to be generated within a year . He also indicated that the focus is on making it easier for people to connect to the internet in rural areas and in parts of the world where access to the ground is difficult .

SpaceX began the global rollout of Starlink satellites in 2020 . According to Musk, the company has already shipped 100,000 antenna kits to customers worldwide. Starlink uses a network of interconnected satellites that are in low Earth orbit and are launched by SpaceX rockets .



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