Oh you happy! Rocket powered Christmas tree

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Illustration of the flying Christmas tree
An unusual picture. The BPS.space Christmas tree is unique in its own way. Source: youtube.com

Buying a Christmas tree every year can sometimes not be that easy. The right size, the right price or availability are just a few of the aspects that the conifer must meet. For a group of young engineers , however, another quality is very important: the flight characteristics . They put a fire under the butt of a Nordmann fir and put a rocket engine on it .

2 meter high tree creates almost 90 meters flight altitude

In the video on the YouTube channel "BPS.space" , you can admire in a good 20 minutes in a kind of vlog in a humorous way how the plan is implemented by a rocket-powered Christmas tree . Among other things, a paper model is used to explain the difficulties of the project. With a wink or two, of course.

The group, which mainly consists of aerospace engineers , needed a few attempts before they achieved a breakthrough. The ignition system failed three times . On the other hand, the final result of attempt number four is quite impressive. A 2 meter high Christmas tree was positioned on a four-wing structure . For this purpose, a small solid rocket engine, which generates 1000 Newtons of thrust , was installed.

The tree achieved a top speed of 111 km/h (approx. 69 mph), a cruising height of 88 m and a G-force of 3.6 G.

Of course, the right Christmas tree decorations should not be missing. Extra small packages and fairy lights were attached to the tree for this purpose, so that an authentic Christmas atmosphere is created. With this in mind, Merry Christmas and Happy Landings!

Source: interestingengineering.com


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