Mercedes-Benz Vision EQXX: electric prototype with a range of 1000 km

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Illustration of the front of the car
The Mercedes-Benz EQXX combines efficiency with design. Source:

At the CES trade fair in Las Vegas, Mercedes-Benz is presenting the Vision EQXX, a new luxury electric vehicle . The focus is not on performance or acceleration values, but on efficiency .

Although the car presented is a prototype , it gives a glimpse of what we can look forward to from the Stuttgart company in terms of electromobility in the coming years . It is noteworthy that the EQXX is already fully functional and should cover more than 1000 kilometers without recharging .

204 hp, 1750 kg curb weight and a drag coefficient of 0.17

The inner values ​​of the EQXX are impressive. The built-in electrical unit has a system output of 150 kW , which corresponds to 204 hp . Mercedes-Benz intends to drive more than 1000 kilometers at motorway speed without recharging.

The capacity of the battery is 100 kWh . The compactness is to be emphasized here. The battery should also be able to be installed in small cars and be only half the size of the battery in the Mercedes-Benz EQS . The efficiency is 95% , which could also be due to the co-development of the in-house motorsport departments. 117 solar cells are installed on the roof of the EQXX . Thanks to them, a range increase of 25 kilometers should be possible in the best case .

Picture of the rear of the car
When it comes to the body, aerodynamics come first. Source:

Exclamation marks were also set for the body. Due to the very aerodynamic shape of the car, a drag coefficient of 0.17 could be achieved. This was achieved by incorporating special tires, rims and body shapes . The c w value reflects the air resistance. The value achieved is really remarkable , for comparison, this value is between 0.5 and 0.7 for normal cars.

Another feature of the body is weight. With an empty weight of 1750 kg , the car is very light for an electric car . This not only improves the driving values, but above all a higher range and efficiency . A new type of manufacturing process, bionic casting , made it possible to build such a lightweight body. The cast components were calculated completely using software.

Vegan interior with 8K display

Image of the interior of the EQXX
The wide display in particular stands out in the interior of the EQXX. Source:

The interior of the EQXX is also a preview of what could be standard in the future. The cockpit offers a 47.5 inch display with 8K resolution , which extends over the entire width. There are also loudspeakers in the headrests .

The infotainment system comes with voice control and is intended to offer an individual experience tailored to the user using artificial intelligence . Furthermore, the interior is completely vegan . No animal products are found, substitute materials such as bamboo fibers have been used.

Show car or future everyday life?

Only the future can answer this question. It is questionable that the Mercedes-Benz EQXX will be sold exactly as presented . However, it will definitely become a design basis and a parts donor for future Mercedes-Benz electric cars.

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