Future electric Corvette achieves greater range thanks to new patent

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In addition to the conventional V8 engine, there will be alternative drives for the sports car from 2023. Source: media.chevrolet.com

After the GM group caused a stir last winter with the presentation of electronic components for classic cars , two new drive methods have now been announced for the prestigious Chevrolet Corvette sports car : a hybrid system and a fully electric version. The latter has a new function that increases the range .

10% more range thanks to heat recovery

The "Ultimum Platform" on which all electrified GM vehicles are based. Source: media.gm.com

Like all GM vehicles with electric drive, the electric version is based on the in-house “Ultimum platform” . A new patent in the battery system includes a heat pump that helps EVs charge and accelerate faster and increase range by up to 10% .

This is achieved by the heat pump using the heat energy from the battery to heat up the interior by means of energy recovery . This creates better thermal conditions for the battery cells.

According to Lawrence Ziehr, project leader of the "Ultimum" energy recovery, the energy generated can be used for a variety of applications: "We could do several things with this energy, including increasing the range of the EV and performing electrical functions such as heating and cooling even preconditioning our batteries for faster charging and acceleration. For example, we can heat up the interior of our e-vehicles faster in cold weather than comparable ICE vehicles.”

The "Ultimum Platform" will not only power the featured classic cars and show cars , but is already powering the automaker's Hummer EV and Bright Drop EV600 van , and will be used in upcoming all-electric models including the Hummer SUV , the Chevrolet Silverado pickup truck and the Blazer SUV .

Hybrid version coming next year

Not much should change on the body, regardless of the drive. Source: media.chevrolet.com

The hybridized version of the Corvette is scheduled to appear in 2023 . Prices, technical data and other information have not yet been announced. It is also not known when and in what form an all-electric Corvette based on the "Ultimum platform" will appear.

Source: techcrunch.com



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