Distinctive sound & CO2-neutral: V8 engine with hydrogen drive

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The appearance of the hydrogen-powered V8 engine is almost indistinguishable from that of the petrol engine. Source: yamaha-motor.eu

Alternative drives that do not use fossil fuels show what the near future of engines in private transport will look like. The clear top dogs are the electric drives with battery systems, such as in the STI E-RA from Subaru . However, Toyota has presented an additional alternative and shows a conventional 5.0 liter V8 engine with CO₂-neutral hydrogen drive instead of petrol injection.

Petrol engine converted in cooperation with Yamaha

This Toyota racing car is already being used with a hydrogen internal combustion engine. Source: global.toyota.com

The starting point for the project was a 5.0 liter V8 engine with 32 valves , which is installed in the Lexus RC-F sports car, for example . In its petrol version, it delivers 464 hp and offers 520 Nm of torque.

In order not to be dependent on fossil energy suppliers, some components have been modified so that the unit can be operated with hydrogen . To this end, Toyota has joined forces with the Japanese motorcycle manufacturer Yamaha . At Yamaha, the injection system was rebuilt and the cylinder heads and intake manifold were adjusted.

The "hydrogen V8" thus achieves almost identical performance values ​​as its petrol-driven brother: 450 hp and 540 Nm of torque are specified. The engine also retains another feature that should not be neglected . The characteristic sound of a V8 is confusingly similar to that of the petrol engine in the hydrogen variant.

In addition, combustion is faster than the petrol version, resulting in better response , and there is less vibration , which is beneficial to the driving experience .

Yamaha aims to be carbon neutral by 2050

The Mirai is Toyota's first production vehicle with a hydrogen fuel cell. Source: toyota.at

As part of the press release, Yamaha Motor President Yoshihiro Hidaka emphasizes that the company is working towards being carbon neutral by 2050 . But "motor" is also in the company's DNA, and accordingly there is a great passion for the combustion engine . “Hydrogen engines have the potential to be carbon neutral while keeping our passion for the internal combustion engine alive,” adds Hidaka.

Only time can tell whether the hydrogen drive can be a real alternative to electric motors. It is definitely an addition to e-fuels and electrical technology , since it can draw on resources that are already available, such as the engine concepts, and it combines puristic driving emotions with the engine sound and CO₂ neutrality .

In the aviation industry , for example at Universal Hydrogen , research is also being carried out into hydrogen drives.

Source: yamaha-motor.eu



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