Chasing records in the green hell with 1,088 hp: STI E-RA from Subaru

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Illustration of the sti e ra
The appearance of the STI E-RA is a symbiosis of refined aerodynamics and futuristic design. Source:

As part of the Tokyo Motor Show, Subaru presented an electric prototype that is intended to set new standards. But not in terms of range or energy recovery. It is a racing car , which is specially designed for a record drive on the notorious Nürburgring Nordschleife , also called the green hell.

Weight optimization, high downforce & lots of power

Illustration of the rear of the car
The motorsport DNA also stands out from the rear of the vehicle with the large rear spoiler. Source:

A total of four electric motors provide 272 hp per wheel , which corresponds to a system output of 1,088 hp . Since, in addition to the performance itself, the weight is particularly important in motorsport, a relatively small and light 60 kWh battery was installed. As a result, the four-wheel drive  bolide will certainly not have a long range, but will achieve all the more performance.

In order to save additional weight and to maximize the stiffening strength, a composite body was used . Furthermore, the aerodynamics of the car are mature and should generate high downforce for better cornering speeds . There are also recesses in the body. They serve to direct the air away from the wheel arches.

Everything designed for one goal


In 2023, Subaru wants to break a record on the Nürburgring Nordschleife, which is considered one of the most demanding racetracks in the world: to set the fastest electric car on the ring. Tesla has the current record . With the Model S Plaid , the 20.6 kilometers were covered in 7:30 minutes . With the targeted 6:40 minutes , the STI E-RA would be a lot faster than the previous record holder.

Record times on the Nordschleife are a tradition among automobile manufacturers . Models from Porsche or Mercedes-AMG are repeatedly optimized for the Nordschleife and brought into (small) series in this form. For example, the Porsche GT2 RS MR is considered to be one of the ultimate " racing cars for the road " and has also set a record on the Nordschleife for street-legal racing cars with 6:43 minutes . So Subaru also wants to undercut this value.

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