Blackberry looks black: Old smartphones will be phased out from January 4th

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Image of Blackberry devices running Blackberry OS
Old Blackberry devices will only be usable to a very limited extent in the future. Source:

The new year hits Blackberry users hard. The in-house operating systems, Blackberry OS and Blackberry 10, will become virtually unusable and completely discontinued from January 4th . Even the basic functions of a smartphone, such as making calls or surfing the web , should no longer work as before. However, nothing changes for the Blackberry devices equipped with the Android operating system . They are still fully functional.

Emergency calls, telephony, WLAN and more affected

According to a company press release , all devices running Blackberry OS (10) will no longer function reliably . Since the software will no longer receive any patches, the resulting restrictions are clearly noticeable . The following functions should only be available to a limited extent:

  • Network coverage / network registration
  • telephony
  • emergency calls
  • Data connection (WLAN / mobile data)
  • SMS

Since these functions are fundamental and actually represent the main use of a smartphone, it will probably be difficult for even the biggest Blackberry fans to continue using the devices with the Blackberry operating system in everyday life. The restrictions also affect the manufacturer's tablets . Blackberry PlayBook , the operating system for tablets, will also be phased out completely .

Blackberry will continue to exist

Image of the Blackberry campus in Waterloo Canada
Blackberry's headquarters in Waterloo, Canada, is focused on other business areas. Source:

However, the company does not close the gates. But the core focus is now different. Cybersecurity , i.e. security in all aspects of the Internet, is the new business area . There are also areas from the company software . Customers are companies and governments all over the world .

According to Blackberry, the data accumulated and stored up to January 4th from end customers who are still using the devices with expiring software should still be kept . For as long as necessary to fulfill the purposes identified by BlackBerry or until such time as required by applicable law .

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